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End of Week 6 Friday 9th February

Selection of Titles Chiara has read in previous weeks.

Other titles include:
My story A marathon of her own by Irini Stavvides
The Emigrants by Helen Sandall and Elizabeth Henniker Heaton
Anna at Bloom Farm by Martha Sandall-Bergstrom
Came the Dawn by the Daughters of St Paul
Turn of the Tide by Elizabeth Jeffrey
Boris by Jaap ter Haar
The Sun on the Stubble by Colin Thiele
The Family Conspiracy by Joan Phipson
Family at the Lookout by Noreen Shelly
Range the Mountains High by Judith Wright
Thunder of Valmy by Geoffrey Trease
The Violin Makers Gift by Donn Kusher
Mater Skylark a Story of Shakespeare’s Time by John Bennett
The Turrett by Margery Sharp
Miss Bianca in the Antarctic by Margery Sharp
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