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Monday 29th January 2007

Monday 29th January 2007

Today was our ‘first day back’. We started in real style with the boys having a fightL naturally this immediately put a damper on the morning.
We started our morning season with language arts. Copywork, spelling and dictation: followed by creative writing time. And I attempted to squeeze reading/phonics with M & M in there. X decided that he was not happy that he had to do ‘ten different times of writing, more than Chiara ever had to do’L
Mid-morning was maths and religion, we didn’t get to complete the other lessons as Rylie and the children came for lunch.
Children went to the dam whilst Rylie and I visited and then C and D had squad training whilst the younger children and I went to the library.
Anne stayed the night on her way to Kiama for Sue’s funeral.
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