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Week 5 Thursday 1st March 2007

Malachi has improved with his reading dramatically over the last few weeks. He has now graduated to reading the Level 1 DK readers which is quite a jump as they are not phonetic readers.
Mariah has read all the Beginner Beginner Dr Seuss books in the last few weeks and has now graduated to the ‘easier’ Dr Seuss books. I am very proud of both children and they both know most of their phonetic sounds including double letter onesJ

Children have been consistently working on their copywork. Chiara is enjoying using a calligraphy pen, Dominic is doing well linking his running letters together. X and M have started learning how to write individual running writing letters. Mariah has neat writing. Most of the dc need to work on their printing letter formations still.

Dictation happens fairly frequently. Chiara is very good at dictation on average 3-5 mistakes of difficult passages. D is doing very well also. X tries very hard but really struggles. WE are diligent in correcting our mistakes.

We are very consistent this term in doing spelling, writing and revising and testing on Fridays. Dc are doing very well on their tests except for poor X who tries hard but struggles. For the last couple of weeks we have learnt/re-learnt phonic sounds which has had a direct result in spelling improvementsJ

C is working hard consistently. D is slacking big time. X happily works, the M’s will be slack for a few days and then sit down and do pages at a time like today.

We have been enjoying ‘St Patrick’s Summer’ lovely book, the dc really like it. Today however I started using some sheets from ‘Catechetical Resources’ website with Dominic in preparation for his Confirmation. C joined in using the Catechism

Children watched an old Backyard Science video.
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