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Week 6 Monday 5th March 2007

X and C worked on copywork.

Malachi read DK level 1 Duckling Days, read 4 pages.
Mariah read a beginner beginner bk and a story from Faith and Freedom Reader.
Chiara read a passage aloud to me from Rakkerty Tam, her pronunciation has improved.

Gave the three older dc tests that we didn’t manage on Friday, due to the auction. C did very well D and X didn’t. Had a crying session with X, he struggles to hear the consonant blends and the correct vowels at times also. D got most wrong but I think he didn’t revise them well.

C did dictation, passage from Redwall, only 4 mistakes.

Speech Lesson
Malachi worked on syllables, did well was correct 98% of the time.

C worked on decimals.

Read four chapters from ‘History of the World’ to the boys. We read about the Persian War. They are finally enjoying Greek history. Last week I managed to get the older two to dictate some narrations of our readings thus far.

C continuing with French Revolution she read the ‘Royal Diary- Marie Antoinette’.

- Boys are designing a Star Wars game and a Lord of the Rings chess set.
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