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Week 6 Tuesday 6th March 2007

Malachi read well from DK reader
Mariah read from Faith and Freedom, I think better suited to her.
X read aloud to me, he needs work still, I was surprised at some of the words he struggled with.
C, D, X and M all worked on their copywork.

M tested from last week’s words, excellent work. C wanted to do this weeks already she has improved so much. D and X wrote out some of this week’s words.

Dc all worked on maths. I am really pushing D and X to work harder on their work they have been very slack this term and I still want them to finish their books this term. C helped D.

Our map came yesterday the dc were most eager to find different places on the map. C cut out pieces of the geography definitions game.

-Dc played Pole-economy
-Dc made picklets for late morning tea.
- Read a couple of picture books to the girls, Madeleine and Country Fair (Little House Chapter Book)
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