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Week 7, Term 3, 2007

Highlights of today:
1- Read Great Rabbit and the Long-Tailed Wildcat by Andy Gregg to the three youngest.

2- Read a few picture books to G.

3- D did his maths with a reasonable attitude. (Everyone else fine)

4- We did LEM phonics, D dissolved in tears, I have decided to use some of the later workbooks only. The markings seem pointless in some respects, focus on the rules. I'm much happier with this decision.

5- Dictation quantity and quality is improving, dc are self correcting. X particulary is growing in bounds.

6- D and C doing independent work. X and M doing the lapbook, X enjoying it more than the younger ones.

7- Read St Patrick's Summer.

8- Started a 'bookworm' with the dc. For every book they read they add to the worms' body. D and M are not reading enough.

* Note to Self*
I really, really must get some more Montessori activities organised for MT. and G. They are not being extended.

Some highlights of last week:
1- C and D started their new science study. On Day 1 they do an experiment from "The Way Science Works" and record observation. Day 2 they write up their experiment, do a sketch and any further readings. They really enjoyed it, today they did the same and enjoyed:)

2- We are 'visiting' Japan at the moment, picture books read are:
A Piece of Straw by Junko Morimoto
The White Crane by Junko Morimoto
The Foxes on Chironupp Island by Hiroyuki Takahashi
The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks by Katherine Paterson
The Cherry Tree by Daisaku Ikeda (ill. Brian Wildsmith, Trans. Geraldine McCaughrean)

3-LEM Phonics received some attention.

4- M's maths book finally arrived, he started with enthusiasm.

5- Our Waldorf supplies arrived, very happy, dc spent a large part of the weekend using them and I spent Saturday making 'pouches'.

6- Nearly finished 'Milly-Molly-Mandy Again'.

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