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Detailed Lesson Plans

-Current Events

Week 1- Where in the World?
Mapping Work
Salt Dough Map (pg 62)
Jigsaw Map for younger chn.

Week 2- Physical
Read and narrate on the following topics.

Soil Type, Climate, Plants and Animals, Natural Resources.

Week 3- Physical
Read and narrate on the following topics.

Racial, People, clothes, Food, Governement, Transport.

Week 4 Attractions and Landmarks.
Read and Notebook

Week 5 Saints
Read and Narrate.

Australian History

Using Arthur Baillies's "A Sunburnt Country" as a spine read, narrate and flesh out with Fiction. Maybe a hands on activity or two.
Start from the Expansion Out.

The Ancient World.
First Half of Term 1 is Ancient Egypt.

Mondays- Do a Hands on Activity.
Read Library Books and Notebook.

Tuesdays- Read Bible Stories, Narrate.

Wednesdays- Read Usborne and Ancient Science in Egypt, Summarize.
On all days try to read some of the related fiction books.


Chiara- History of Medicine and How the Body Works by Steve Parker. Also Best Seller on Human Body.
Chp1- Read extra 'Galen and the Gateway of Medicine.'
Chp 2-
Chp 3- The Body Pgs 44-52
Chp 4- Body's Surface pgs 35-41
Chp 5- Transport and Maintenance. Pgs 94-102
Chp 6 Pgs 12- 28
Chps 7 Read extra info on Vaccination.
Chp 8- Read Michael Farraday.
Chp 9
Chp 10-

Craft Activities.
Read Library and our Books, Narrate, Notebook. Videos?
Sketching and Labelling.
Susan Marra- Pgs 120-133.


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