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Xavier's Read Alones Term 3 and 4, 2007

*Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship of the Rings by JR Tolkien
*Lord of the Rings-Two Towers by JR Tolkien
*Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King by JR Tolkien

*Bunnies in the Bathroom
*Goose on the Loose
*Ducktails-Janette Oke
*Prairie Dog Town-Janette Oke
*The Muddle Headed Wombat in the Snow-Ruth Park
*The Muddle Headed Wombat-Ruth Park
*The Famous Five
*Mile on the Marsh Mystery
*Encyclopedia Brown
*The Dingo Summer-Ivy Baker
*Rasmus and the Tramp-Astrid Lidgren
*The Last Battle-CS Lewis
*The Gold Smuggler's-Virginia Frances Voight
*Sea Dog of Holland-Brigid Knight

*The Ranger's Apprentice Books by John Flanagan
-The Ruins of Gorlan
-The Burning Bridge
-The Icebound Land
-Oakleaf Bearers
-Sorcerer in the North
-The Siege of Macindaw

Xavier has read many other books, unfortunately I didn't manage to record them.

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