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Week 1 in Review -Term 1

First week of the year went very well, children were very excited to be starting back, they started with a positive, great attitude. I particularly notice a big change in Dominic!:)

Daily Drill
Every day the children are to work on spelling; MJ Bruce, Fitzroy, or Wordly Wise according to their choice.
Times TablesIndividual Recitation Daily. Improvement happening already.
CatechismTo work through a lesson per wk, Baltimore Catechism, bk 1 for the younger two, Bk 2 for the older three.

MathBuster Monday
Mariah was so excited that she insisted on us starting on Monday even though it was a public holiday; Australia Day! Actually I turned this into a learning point and we read "An Uncommon Day" - John Anthony King. She did very well, I have her working at a grade level ahead in spelling and she is stepping up to the challenge. She worked very hard.

Time Travellin' Tuesday
We are studying Australian history, we are using Eve Pownell's bks as our core and Arthur Baillie. We read a chapter (Aborigines), narrated and pasted relevant pictures. Then the children are to read/listen to supporting fiction. This went really well, a stretch for the children to be consistent here, I am determined that they will though and so far they are doing very well.
Chiara is studying American History this week she researched and wrote and essay on Christopher Columbus. I was impressed with the standard, although I am suspecting I should ask for even longer essays from her.

Wordslueth Wednesday
We attended the Not Back to School Party, we had a fantastic day although came home rather burnt.

'Triffic, Travellin' Thursday

Rather difficult to work really as we were so sore. However we mapped what we already knew of Australia, this gave me an idea of knowledge (not the greatest I'm afraid) Chiara began a research project on the states of America.

Regards Science the older three are working their way through various John Hudson Tiner books, Xavier is keen to try The History of Chemistry. the MMs are listening to Young Scientist Set, they listened to a couple of pages and recorded what they learnt; they were rather keen.

Faithful Friday
I had the children begin reading the Gospel of Mark and was happy with an oral narration from all.

All in all a great week, a few kinks to smooth out but I'm very happy.

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