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Week 3 in Review, Term 2, 20009

Good week overall. Everyone got in and did their work with a will. (Except for Mariah, she is going through an I don't like school stage) Dominic impressed us as Thursday night he stayed up and worked for hours catching up on his work.

Chiara is still procrastinating over her history essays. The boys are still not really writing much for history, perhaps it is too open ended for both. I'm writing out set details for all.

Solved Xavier's science problem, he is now photocopying the page and circling the answers. He is very happy again. M&Ms are still loving their experiments. C&D have settled into their programs.

Have decided not start African Geography until I get back.

IEW program has arrived, very, very happy. Dc have watched a couple of DVDs. I need to have a good study.

Chiara is enjoying Fr Laux, she says it is her type of book. Dominic is not happy he is reading one saints story a week and orally doing comprehension.
Xavier is using a small Confirmation book. Malachi is loving the Bible narrations, Mariah is being difficult.

Lively Languages- Children saying they are not enjoying but too bad.

Grandma is schooling next week as I'm away so we shall see how they go.

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