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Geography Goals


This term we are 'visiting' Asia; by popular request. As Australia is part of Australasia I feel it important to know our neighbours. For the last week I have been working on detailed plans and truthfully I have found it difficult to gather my thoughts (and resources) as we have not often studied geography in a deliberate manner. After 'putting the horse before the cart' with details, and struggling; it occurred to me there was another, easier course to plot. It would be more helpful to consider just what did I want the children to come away from their 'sojourn' with? The answer is basic map, flora/fauna and cultural knowledge. I was then able to flesh my overview out with specific goals, however I have kept them general in that I shall be able to substitute any continent that we visit in the future. This way I won't have to 're-invent the wheel' each time. So for Willa and any other interested readers I share here.

- Be able to map ...nations onto blank map.

- Name and mark capital cities of ...nations.

- Recognise and colour flags of ...nations.

- Know a few basic words in the national language.

- Have a general idea of the culture of the people of that nation.

- Experience at least one dish of national cuisine.

- Create at least one art/craft piece of that nation.

- Listen to at least one piece of folk music of that nation. (If I can source)

- Know of any Marian apparitions and have some basic knowledge.

- Know about one saint at least for that nation.

- Have a general idea of the religious beliefs of that nation.

- Name at least two animals of that nation and have some general knowledge.

- Have a general idea of the habitat/environment of that nation.

- Know of at least one man-made national icon.

Stay tuned for more detailed Asian resources and plans.

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