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Plans for Dominic Term 3 (Year 8)

1- Read 1 Saints Book/Week. (Vision Series) Type a brief narration. 100 words minimum.
2 -Faith and Life (Grade 8) Read 1 Chp/Week, answer Qs.

Language Arts
- Dictation - 3 Paragraph/Week (from Lit. book of your choice)
- Spelling - 2 Lists/Week (Schonell)
- Creative Writing To write at least 3 foolscap pages/Week. Type and add to your blog.
- Writing 1 Session per week (Institute for Excellence in Writing DVDs)
- Poetry Memorisation 1 Poem/Week (World War 1 Poet)
- Typing 1 lesson/day (Typing Tutor CD)

Foreign Language - Latin. 3lessons/Week(Latina Christina)

Literature - The following are to be read and then discussed with Mum and Dad.
Archimedes and the Door of Science - Jeanne Bendick
Brave Buffalo Fighter - John Fitzgerald
City of Ember - Jeanne DuPrau
The Enchanted Castle - Edith Nesbit
Year of the Black Pony - Walt Morey

Maths - 4 Lessons/Week (Mathematics.com.au)

Science - 1 Chp/Week. The History of Physics - John Hudson Tiner

Geography- Asia

Detailed Research Plans for:

Stay tuned;)


Weeks 1-5 World War 1.

Weeks 6 - 10 Russian Revolution, Roaring 20s and the Depression.

Detailed History Plans for:

World War 1

Book Titles

* Mum has to pre-read for suitability
The Silver Donkey - Sonya Hartnett
The Gallipoli Story - Patrick Carlyon
Soldier Boy - Anthony Hill
War Games - James Riordan
Private Peaceful - Michael Murpurgo
The Great War - Edward Jablonski

Biggles Series - Cpt WE Johns (World War 1 titles.)

Make Anzac Biscuits

Create a Soldiers or Nurses Uniform.
or dig a Trench.

Research and Writing

Each of the following should be at least 1 paragraph long, many lend themselves to longer.

Create a personal timeline of important dates, also add dates to the Family Timeline book. Include maps where relevant to clarify your information.

Work must be completed by Week 5, Term 3, in computer printed form.

Using the internet sites bookmarked and non-fiction titles from the Library.

1. List and describe the four causes of World War 1.

2. List and describe the three types of weapons used at the start of WW 1

3. Name at least two new types of warfare developed during the war.

4. Describe trench warfare.

5. Describe the Battle of Gallipoli. (Include mapwork)

6. What does the acronym ANZAC stand for?

7 Where is the Kokoda Trail? Why is this important in Australian hearts?

8 What was the Light Horse Brigade and where did they fight?

9 List the important battles of the Western Front where ANZACs fought. (Include mapwork)

10 The first use of poison gas was at the battle of ….? What were the effects of poison gas?

11 List the countries in which Australians fought in? (Include mapwork)

12 Describe the type and use of aircraft in the War.

13 What event brought the Americans into the war?

14 List the Allied nations

15 When did the War end and in which city was the treaty signed?

Chose one of the following as an essay topic.(You may suggest your own topic)

Your essay must be at least 200 words and typewritten.

Due to be handed in at the end of Week 5.

· Write a first-hand account of the impact of WWI on the people back home.

· Write frontline journalistic accounts of one or more of the battles.

- Write a letter back home from the trenches.

Plans for Weeks 6-10 to come:

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