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Learning Notes - Week 8 Term 4, 2009


Rather a disjointed week, we are really having trouble focusing on Advent with the building preparations and work happening. Grandma arrived also this week so life is further out of routine. I soldier on, trying not to get upset that Advent is slipping away, and I only have purchased presents just this week for David and three of the children, five more to go.

We have managed a bit of maths and a solid spelling lesson. We used my old spelling books from my school days which are pretty good. I used the whiteboard which I think is goo in bringing everyone in together.

Read a heap of Christmas books fro the library. Trying not to get disappointed that I haven't read many of the books nor the daily Advent book. Oh well new week next week, Advent is not yet over and I can keep reading into the 12 days after.

I haven't decided if we will try to do more work next week. I rather think we will with more of a baking focus and compiling their year books.

Children have been reading various titles, but too tired to collect books.

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