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Learning Notes - Weeks 1-3 Term 1, 2010


We have started back, I was hopeful for a fresh year with new attitudes, habits and energy. I am fast realising something doesn't happen just because you wish it too:(

My energy level is much better but I realise I have some self-discipline issues as well as the children. Re-forming myself to lead by example, the children need help to form new habits.

The first week started off promising, we had an interruption with Australia Day but it looked promising. Second week saw some more subject material arrive and we upped the workload a little.
Third week David was home and needing help with milling which involved the older children. It was like we lost momentum, it took me back to last term. I am determined to not go back to the bad habits of then. Somehow, somewhere I need to dig deep and 'supply' discipline.

I am very happy with the standard and choices we have made and expect. I know the children can do it, I feel confident win our choices and expectations. We can do this!

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