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Research Paper - Literary Career


Chiara and Dominic

A reminder that this fortnight's assignment is:

Friday June 11th: submit, the section of your paper describing your writer's work and major concerns/themes.--

You want facts about his or her writing career, including what kinds of literature he or she produced and an overview of everything he or she wrote. You will discuss your writer's work and major concerns/themes (what he or she wrote about, thought about, cared about, was obsessed by).

It will look like this:

II. Literary Career
A. Early career
1. works written
2. themes and concerns
3. response to work
a. successful or not
b. critics liked it or didn't

B. Mid-Career (same as above)

C. Late Career (same as above).

Ideally I would like to see 2 typed pages.

Remember to look over previous notes for further help.

Thanks to Sally for inspiration and support.

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