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Plans for Xavier, Grade 8 2011


Academic Plans for Xavier for 2011; of course much will be learnt outside of these plans whilst; helping to build a house, learning life skills and living life:)
If Xavier's interest is caught in a topic he becomes very keen and will investigate further.  At times he is difficult to start but once engaged he works solidly.   He struggles with spelling, neatness and layout of written work, but can absorb a large amount of information and can orally narrate nicely. Xavier needs improvement in translating his thoughts to paper.   Looking forward to a great year with Xavier.


Bible Study
Teen Timeline DVDs - Mark Hart (Once Weekly)


Our Life in the ChurchFaith and Life Series 8
Read, narrate and discuss one lesson each week.

A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’s Court by Martin de Porres Kennedy
& Discussion/Study Guide

Read at least two books of Saint biographies a Term. See list Below.

Language Arts
Grammar and Composition
Narrations Oral and Written. Xavier to increase the amount and quality of narrations
Lingua Mater
Fix it! Grammar (IEW)
Writing Club with Sr Judith

Creative Writing
Novel Writing and Editing
Assigned Blog Topics (email assignment weekly)

Studied Dictation/Spelling
Spelling Wisdom

Printed Book, beginning cursive.

Read Aloud

Each term read two classic, two saints, two history and two geography books independently.

List to be added term by term

Geography: See below


Louis de Wohl - Set All Afire
                      - Restless Flame
                      - Quite Light
                      - Golden Thread
 Miser of Souls - Maragret Trouncer
Dominic Savio - Boco-Aronica
St Maximillian Kolbe - Patricia Treece
St Columban - Francis Macmanus
Happy was my Youth - Edmund Burke
Secret of John Bosco - Henri Gheon
The Family That Overtook Christ - Rev M Raymond

Dog Crusoe - RM Ballantyne
Ivanhoe- Sir Walter Scott
Teh Yearling - Marjorie Rawlings
Deerslayer - James F Cooper
Shelock Holmes novels - Arthur C Doyle
Reb and the Redcoats - Constance Savery
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine - Jeanne Bendick
Between the Forest and the Hills - Anne Lawrence

'The Laurel and the Harp' and 'Four Corners.'

Spanish - Live Mocha


Science and Nature

All Creatures Great and Small - James Herriot
Other Novels by Herriot
Australian Nature Studies - JA Leach
Read, take notes & Ilust.

Unit Studies:
Engineering - Small Motors and Computers, Pull apart and re-construct
Marine Biology - Deep Sea Creatures
Plant Life - How Plants Live, how they are helpful, fuel plants.

1 double page of research notes
1 page summary/highlight
1 page of graphics
Document any practical exercises.

Human Society and Its Environment
Michael Palin DVDs
Watch together, discuss.
Pins on wall map,
Read Michael Palin books from library.
Fill in blank maps and simple worksheet 
Read Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a Raft by Thor Heyerdahl

Term 1- Finish SOTW Vol 4
with chapter questions and mapwork.
Term 2 - Australian History
Arthur Baillie, Manning Clark and Eve Pownell as spines
Extra Readings, written Narrations
Term 3 - 4 SOTW Vol 3

Book List to be added term by term

Current Affairs
ABC emails from Dad

Creative and Practical Arts 
Music & Music Appreciation
Learn two+ new hymns each term.

Classical Music - Listen to 2 composers per term.
Read Opal Wheeler or picture book about composer

Art & Art Appreciation
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Harmony Art Mom
To undertake one+ project per week

Art Appreciation - Art Appreciation Lessons for Kids
Study 2 artists per term.
Read about artists, picture books and study prints.


Crafty Cow
Discovering Great Artists - Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga
The Usborne Book of Art - Fiona Watt (missing still)
To undertake one+ project per week

Practical Skills
- Improve your cooking skills.
- Building Skills- Main focus, working alongside Dad building,  will learn so many wonderful skills that will be with you for life!

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