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Monthly Memories - July 2012


Sharing our Monthly Memories.

A productive learning month, capturing a few of the highlights.

Carpenter's essay......Carpenter entered an essay competition ‘The Greek term ‘polymath’ referred to a person who had expertise in a number of different subject areas. Is there a more contemporary figure that you believe deserves this term? What specific contributions has this figure made to his or her fields of research?’
This essay was the impetus for a huge growth area for him.  Research, diligence, bibliographies are just some of the skills learnt.  His essay writing skills grew enormously during this period.  I have lots more to share about this, which I will in a later post, suffice it for now to say, we were incredibly impressed!

Steady progress in the 4Rs, Science and the Humanities

Spontaneous Learning

Many of our favourite and memorable moments in our home education journey is when our children take up an area of interest and learn of their own volition.
  • Our teenage boys have become rather engrossed by the Periodic Table and have been watching many videos about each element.  This has involved hours of watching, discussing and enthusiasm, wonderful to see.

A big focus in creative play has been creating with clay.  Princess was keen to try a new medium and then all become interested.  Houses, chickens, medallions and more have been proudly displayed.

Music has also seen a resurgence of interest.  Princess is loving piano lessons and Carpenter is learning the clarinet, both are very diligent in practising.

The moment that Jelly Bean realised she could read, I'd been assuring her this was the case, but she didn't really believe me.  Her excitement was so magical, in the midst of reading a Magic Tree House chapter books she just 'clicked' and became so enthused, wanting to read more and then she rang Dad to share her excitement:):)

Documentaries Watched
Magic School Bus- Multiple Episodes!
- Gets Lost in Space Solar System
- For Lunch Digestive System
- Inside Ralphie Immune System
-Hops Home Frogs
- Meets the Rot Squad Rotting Objects
- All Dried Up Desert Plants and Animals
- In the Haunted House Sound / Spooky
-Plays Ball Friction
-Kicks up a Storm Weather
- Blows its Top Volcanos
- Flexes Its Muscles Body Mechanics
- The Busasaurus Dinosaurs
- Going Batty Bats
- Butterfly and the Bog Beast Butterflies
- Wet All Over Water
- In a Pickle Microbes
-Taking Flight Flying
- Getting Energized Energy
-Goes Upstream Salmon Migration
-Gets Planted Photosynthesis
-Meets Molly Cule Molecules
-Goes on Air Air Pressure
-Makes a Stink Smells
-Takes a Dive Treasure map / Coral Reef
-Holiday Special Recycling

Multiple Chemistry Videos
 - Periodic Table Element Videos

The consuming reading  of books, in particular living books comprises the bulk of our learning.  Attempting to record most of the books read, although I may have missed some.

Family Read Aloud
Linnets and Valerians - Elizabeth Goudge (finally finished!)
Butterfly Battle Magic School Bus (half)
Whitefoot the Woodmouse - Robert McClung (Jelly Bean)
Bible Stories (Jelly Bean & Jack Jack)

Audio Books 
The Time Machine, Parts 1, 2 & 3
Mariel of Redwall (half read)

Picture Books
The Mitten - Jan Brett
The Ugly Duckling - Bernadette Watts
Madeline - Ludwig Bemelmans
Madeline and the Bad Hat - Ludwig Bemelmans
Madeline in London- Ludwig Bemelmans
Madeline's Rescue - Ludwig Bemelmans
The Gingerbread Man
Three Ducks Went Wandering - Ron Roy
The Nutquaker - Mary Jane Auch (culling, twaddle)
Martha B Rabbit the Fairies Cook - Shirley Barber
Rip Van Winkle
Cook-A-Doodle-Doo - Janet Stevens
The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Peter Weevers
Old Bear - Jane Hissey
Tom Thumb   - Richard Jesse Watson
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg - Geoffrey Patterson
Fancy That! - Pamela Allen

Individual Reading
Shadow of the Bear - Regina Doman
Red Hugh Prince of Donegal - Robert T Reilly
Joe's Body (finished)
Didache Morality (1 Chp)

The Young Marie Curie - Clare H Abrahall
The Curies and Radium - Elizabeth Rubin
The Young Dickens - Patrick Pringle
The Young Thomas More - Rosemary Haughton
Our Goal & Our Guides (2 chps)

Dingo Creek Challenge - Robert Elmer
Escape to Murray River - Robert Elmer
Firestorm at Kookaburra Station - Robert Elmer
Faith & Life 7

First Farm in the Valley - Anna Pellowski
The Princess and the Goblin - George McDonald
Lysis Goes to the Play - Caroline Dale Snedeker
Daughter of the Regiment - Jackie French
Ten Eager Hearts
Saints of Old
20 Irish Saints (part)

Jelly Bean
Magic Tree House Mummies in the Morning (part)

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