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Assessment & Outcomes - Ignatius 2014


Ignatius has been exposed to a rich vocabulary and a quantity of quality literature.  He has good comprehension skills and is able to narrate back the stories he hears.  He is confident in group situations and is aware that letters form words and words mean information and communication.

Our desire is that by the conclusion of Early Stage 1 Ignatius is able to:

  • Mathematics
    Ignatius has a high mathematical awareness and skill set for his age.  He can count by 2s, 5s and 10s.  Counts up to 100, has an awareness of clock times and can recognise basic fractions.  Ignatius 'thinks' and 'plays' mathematically and math conversations can form part of his everyday conversations.

    We are confident that by the conclusion of Early Stage 1 Ignatius will be able to:
    • understand and have a fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques, communication and reasoning
    • develop efficient strategies for numerical calculation and recognise patterns
    • be aware of length and distance measurements, volumes and capacities
    • read hour and half hour time and possibly more accurate than that
    • be able to name many 2D shapes and some 3D shapes
    Science and Technology
    Ignatius has an awareness of the natural world around him, is observant and keen to discuss basic science concepts.  Has a high sense of computer technology and often builds K'nex and lego models.
    By the conclusion of Early Stage 1 Ignatius will be able to:
    • Be interested in and ask questions of a scientific nature
    • Observe and share conclusions
    • Understand and apply skills to create simple designs
    • identifies the way objects moves depends on a variety of factors
    • observe how seasons change
    • identifies the basic needs of living things
    Ignatius has been introduced to some history periods through picture books and listening to older siblings history readings.  His interest ebbs and flows.

    Our desire is by the conclusion of Early Stage 1 Ignatius is able to:
    • share family heritage stories
    • develop and interest in various historical stories
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