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Assessments & Outcomes - Saxon 2014


Saxon has been exposed to quality literature since a young age. He has a good concentration span, can write all lower and upper case letters, compose simple texts, spell familiar words, read needing help with some words.

Our desire is that by the conclusion of Stage 1 Saxon will be able toA:

Saxon has a high mathematical awareness and impressive skill set for his age, many of his everyday conversations are about mathematical concepts.  He is extremely quick in his computation skills, able to add and subtract long number sentences in his head, and quite competent and confident to tackle difficult number problems.  He has long been able to tell the time accurately, knows many fractions, has excellent pattern awareness and is currently learning his times tables.   Many of the Stage 1 outcomes he has already mastered.

By the conclusion of Stage 1 we envisage Saxon would have only added to his strengths and mastered new skills

Science and Technology
Saxon is aware of the world around him, observing and discussing.  He has an interest in scientific concepts and happily absorbs scientific knowledge informally and through a variety of media.  He will ask questions, sometimes immediately, sometimes he ponders and comes back and discusses further. He has a good knowledge of computer technology and often builds K'nex and lego models.

Our desire is by the conclusion of Stage 1 Saxon will:
Saxon has already been undertaking formal history studies and can narrate (comprehend and 'tell back') what he has heard.  Some history 'stories' really captured his imagination.

By the conclusion of Stage 1 Saxon will be able to:

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