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This Week in Learning: January 23rd, 2015

The new school year here in Australia begins this week but we started lessons early this year, two and a half weeks earlier than our local schools and it was an excellent decision.  We I desperately craved routine. We began with a 'half load' of language arts and maths then added in history.  Plan is to be on a 'full load' in the upcoming week. As usual there were a couple of days off for 'life': a meeting and an orthodontist appointment, just life so we did our best to just keep flowing along.






Michelangelo delved deep into Space, watching several indepth videos (via youtube)
  • Tidal lock of planets
  • Sun's power compounds other suns
  • Frozen ice on Mar's surface
  • Liquid methane on Titan
  • Dark matter
  • Galaxy's clusters, the largest matter
  • Probes to Pluto

Bass' List of Picture Books

Picture Books
Two Tough Teddies - Kilmeny Niland - so so
Boris Beaver - Marcus Pfister - Informative about beavers in a subtle way
Princess Pam Fell into the Jam - Cecilia Egan - family favourite, recommended prior
I Swapped My Dog - Harriet Ziefert - The farmer ended up in a full circle, repetitive rhythm

Classic Picture Books
The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Eric Carle - excellent, well loved
The Bad Tempered Ladybird - Eric Carle -boring
The Three Little Pigs - Barry Moser - bit disturbing, the first two pigs are eaten, never to be seen again
The Runaway Bunny - Margaret Wise Brown - a classic suitable for the very young
Home for a Bunny - Margaret Wise Brown - another classic, repetitive rhythm appealing
The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg - Geoffrey Patterson - classic, still can't believe they killed their goose!
The Teddy Bears' Picnic - Prue Theobalds - The song in pictures, so so

Aussie Picture Books
Pete the Sheep - Jackie French - humorous
Grandpa and Thomas & the Green Umbrella - Pamela Allen - sweet, simple
Brown Bread and Honey - Pamela Allen - enjoyable, repetitive rhythm

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