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This Week in Learning: February 6th, 2015

The last fortnight we settled into a 'full load' of learning, well mostly, though a few areas aren't happening due to lack of organisation on my behalf and a mis-communication between myself and some of the children.  On the whole though we've settled into solid, productive learning and we actually had a whole week with no interruptions!  To the mix has been added after school activities with swim squad and lessons, and dance lessons keeping us out three afternoons a week, not feeling stressed at all as we currently have Anna Maria's assistance.

One area that continues to be a challenge is finding time and energy for me to work with the older children, in particular to have time to teach some Language Arts lessons.  By the time I've completed working with the younger three children it's a struggle to meet the needs of the older ones.  After brainstorming with PC I think I may have the answer, an idea we trialed today with success, though I know one day is no guarantee. Anyhow the plan is to concentrate on the three younger children for the first three days of the week, thus allowing me the last two days of the week to focus on the our older two, let's hope it works:)





  • Michelangelo continues to research deeply into Science topics including: 
  • Space
  • Military aricrafts 
  • Robotics advancement
  • Birds was the science focus of the week for the younger children, read about how they fly, how far, building nests, growing in eggs etc 
Bass' List of Picture Books
* Only a portion of what we read, as I wasn't diligent in recording this fortnight

Picture Books
The Monster Mystery - Gail Jorgensen- a Lift the Flap, popular with the children
Nathan's Fishing Trip - Lulu Delacre - Nice enough, nothing too exciting
Laska the Polar Bear - Derek Hall - Baby animal book, educational in anatural way, very good

Classic Picture Books
The Little Island - Golden McDonald - Is a classic, can I admit it makes me yawn? Though children don't mind it
The Five Chinese Brothers - Claire Huchet Bishop - Always a favourite with all
Tikki Tikki Tembo - Arlen Mosel - Another huge favourite

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