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Studying the French Revolution

Malachi is studying the French Revolution, the following questions are for him to complete by study end.

 • Write definitions for the following words. 

The Third Estate 

 • Write a description of the following characters and of the part they played in the French Revolution: 

 King Louis 
Queen Marie Antoinette 
Madame Roland 
The Holy Father Pius VI 


• Write a narration of at least a page length on the ‘Song of the Scaffold’. 

Choose one of the following and write at least a page: 

• Write a “press release” on the capture of yet another noble. Give your ‘character’ a name, describe why he/she/they are ‘enemies’ of the state. And make it clear as to their fate. 
• Imagine that you lived in Paris during 1789-1799. Write a diary of the main events writing as a young person living in that period. 
 • You are an Archbishop in France during the Revolution write a letter to the Holy Father telling him of your heartbreak, the disarray and the carnage in France. 


• Create a timeline of the French Revolution and include all major dates. 
 • Create a power point presentation of the French Revolution focusing on the fate of the Church. 
• Do this online quiz on the French Revolution  


Write an essay on the question below using a Five Point Plan. 
What were the causes of the French Revolution and what were some of the consequences? 
• Paragraph1- Introduction (In three sentences you need to explain your topic. This should include a brief definition of the French Revolution and when and where it occurred.) 
• Paragraph 2- In this paragraph briefly state and describe the reasons as to why the revolution occurred. Include the; political, social, economic and intellectual (The Enlightenment) factors. 
• Paragraph 3- Describe some of the acts committed during the Reign of Terror 
• Paragraph 4- Describe how the Church was affected during the Revolution. 
• Paragraph 5- Conclusion. Sum up the original question including points from your three paragraphs. 


 Choose one of the following: 
• Conduct a trial of Louis or Antoinette. (Use your siblings as characters, brief them on their parts) 
• Dramatize (enact) a scene from the French Revolution period. It may be by the guillotine, or a denouncement, an escape from prison, or the overthrow of Robespierre. 
• Write a play of a street scene in Paris during the Revolution as the carts rumble through on the way to the Scaffolds and dramatise it. 

For Fun (optional): 

• Using balsa wood or paddle pop sticks build a scaffold. 
• Using balsa wood, paddle pops, material etc. build a cart used to ‘smuggle’ nobles from the prison, also include ‘nobles in disguise’ in your cart.

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