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Books Read: Term 2 2015


Quite terrible at record keeping this term. So only a small selection of books read in the second half of the Term to the younger children.

Read Aloud: (Younger Children)
John of Sirius - Doris Chadwick, finally finished brilliant!! everytime I read fall in love iwth it

Genevieve Read:
Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot

Saxon Read:
Kid Cowboy Rocky Rodeo - Catherine Coe

Picture Books
The Emu that Laid The Golden Egg - Yvonne Morrions - Excellent, humorous, Australian
The Library - Sarah Stewart - Book about a girl who loved books more than dates, read whilst vaccuming, Family favourite
Crossing - Donna Jo Napoli - Lewis & Clark's journey through a Native American baby's eyes who was on the journey, incredible illustrains
Winston the Book Wolf - Marni McGee
A twist on the traditional, a book who eats words Rosie teacher him to eat wtih his eyes, interesting
Professor Bumble and the Monster of the Deep - Danuel Napp - message to reflect, okay
Five Nice Mice - Chisato Tashiro, mice excluded make on music include frogs, so so
Again - Emily Gravett - Dragon turns read, passable
Dog on Log - Tania Ingram, good for beginning to read, clear illustrations
 but not so interesting as a picture book to listeners
Fine As we Are - Algy Craig Hall, okay frog siblings
Kissed byt the moon - Alison Lester lame
Sally and the Something - George O'Connor - boring
The Baby Dragon Tamer - Jan Fearnley boring
Kylie Kangaroo's Karate Kicker - Barbara de Rubertis lame, boring,

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