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This Week in Learning: August 14th, 2015

Continuing to be excited about the learning that is happening this Term.  Solid, consistent progress, lessons not only about King Alfred and Japan's closure to the West but lessons about diligence and time management. A friend and I were chatting yesterday, we're both long term home-educators with graduates and several children still to educate, we shared how when we were young and dewy-eyed we wanted our children to love learning, well we still do, truth is though, these days we'd settle for application. Actually a whole series in the making there once I've formulated my thoughts.

Speech Therapy
I suspect the speech therapist twigged that I was not being consistent with homework here, ouch, so being quite the experienced teacher she devised a little chart for us. Five days work laid out in a grid, three small, achievable tasks for each day, as each is completed we place a sticker.  This I can do, I have too or the teacher will know I haven't, the stickers remember! Have cheated a little and older siblings have begged some days to do Bass' speech lesson with him, go for it!

Last fortnight I received comments from you that this is an area many struggle with, and that you have several children in therapy, hugs of support and encouragement to you all. {{}}

JB and the boys enjoyed an afternoon of nature journal-ling, spontaneously organised and enacted by themselves. I love it when learning like this happens. 

Michelangelo read and pondered several sections of Critical Thinking 

Princess increased her Spanish fluencey to 46%, She continues to enjoy Spanish and her father continues to share that love with her:) 

Creative Arts
Continued with 'handwriting on the board' wherein the children gather with me, I demonstrate and they copy. The older boys and JB are focusing on cursive, Jem is working on his printing. Had a frustrating session with him in which he won't take correction as to where he should start his letters. He was determined to begin his Rs at the bottom of the line, not at the top and wouldn't budge.


Composition/Creative Writing
Poetry/Short Stories
A Child's Book of Verse daily with the younger children. 
Princess and Michelangelo continuing to read daily from Four Corners.
Michelangelo finished reading short stories from O'Henry.


Family Read Alouds
John of Sydney Cove - Doris Chadwick -  With JB and younger boys. As always with Chadwick's series we are immensely enjoying this peek into Australian history in storybook form.
All The Green Year - Continuing to read to our older two, really enjoying this time with them and I believe they are enjoying it too.

Science Read Aloud
Under 11s
Seals and Walruses - Louis Darling
Ponny the Penguin - Veronica Basser
Up, Down and Around - Katherine Ayers (pic bk)

Geography Picture Books
Mbobo Tree - Glenda Millard (Africa) - 4 Star
The Twelve Dancing Princesses - illust - Rachel Isadora (Africa) - 3 Star
The Wonderful Journey - Paul Geraghty (Africa sort of) - 2 Star
The Third Gift - Linda Sue Park (Middle East) - 5 Star
The Dance of a Thousand Stars - Julia Hubery (Middle East) - 4 Star
Ahmed and the Feather Girl - Jane Ray (Middle East) - 3.5 Star
Olivia Goes to Venice - Ian Falconer (Venice) - 1 Star
Mr Chicken Goes to Paris - Leigh Hobbs (Paris) - 0 Star

Michelangelo Read:
Wisdom of Fr Brown - GK Chesterton (1/2)
The Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane
I Marched with Hannibal - Hans Baumann
The High Deeds of Finn Mac Cool - Rosemary Sutcliffe (most)
Science Matters (several chapters)
A Writer's World: Travels 19-50-2000 by Jan Morris (several chapters)

Princess Read: 
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman - Brian Jacques
Ties That Bind, Ties That Break - Lensey Namioka

Jelly Bean Read:
White Sails to China - Clyde Robert Bulla
Three Dollar Mule - Clyde Robert Bulla
Little Obie and the Flood - Martin Waddell
Carlos the Street Boy Who Found a Home(Brazil)
Chayna The Girl No One Wanted( Bangladesh) 
Stories to Learn By -  Msgr John Koenig
Whitefoot: The Story of a Woodmouse - Robert McClung
Tiger Tales - DK Reader (1/2 book)
Egg to Chick - Millicent Selsam
The Drinking Gourd: A Story of the Underground Railway - Monjo
Trail of Tears - Joseph Bruchac (1/2 book)

Jack Jack Read:
Penny and Her Song - Kevin Henkes
Penny and Her Doll - Kevin Henkes
Fred and Ted's Road Trip - Peter Eastman

Jem Read:
I Love to Dance - Anna Walker
"Only Joking Laughed the Lobster - Colin West

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