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Plans for Term 4 2011

I'm feeling rather enthused about this term and eager to get back into a rhythm.  Keen to continue in my quest to ensure the children have a solid grasp of the basics and a thirst for knowledge.  Also wanting to have Weekly Meetings with 4 oldest.  This term will be 12 weeks for us as we are starting back in the school holidays due to our short Term 2.  
Modifying Term 3 plans.Planning to have regular 'bees' on a Friday night; Spelling, Geography, Faith, History, etc

Prayer Time - One hymn/week based on liturgical month.
Read saint of the day.

Saxon & Ignatius - Mosaic Picture Books

Leading Little Ones to Mary
Catholic Treasure Box

Malachi, Mariah & Genevieve - Catechism
Saints books
XavierIntroduction to Catholicism
Dominic - Understanding the Scriptures
A Philadelphia Catholic in King James’s Court by Martin de Porres Kennedy

D, X, M & M - Read at least two books of Saint biographies a Term.
*Write Narrations of both.

Saxon - All About Spelling
Starfall Phonics

GenevieveAll About Spelling
Daily Reading, 

D & X- Literature Analysis - Windows to the World 

2 Picture Books+ Daily 
Boys & Mariah - Individual Reading Lists
Read Alouds -  Family List with Mum
Boys & Mariah - Read two classic, two saints, two history and two geography books independently

All - Read 5 min poetry after prayers.

Saxon and Genevieve
Printed Sheets X,M &M - Handwriting Books (printed)
Dominic- Startwrite


Spelling Wisdom - Dominic, Xavier, Malachi and Mariah All About Spelling - All

Grammar/Narrations/WritingMJ & MT - Great Editing Adventures
MJ & MT - Weekly blog Writing

Narrations - Daily Written Narrations for all.  More for the boys.
X & D - English for Australian Schools - Ronald Ridout
D - One Year Adventure Novel
X - Character Based Writing Lessons

Writing Club
Teens - Sr J  
M & M (w Reb & Mum) - All things Fun & Fascinating

D, X - Daily Practice
Play Type Racer or Type Tutor

Teens - The Fallacy Detective - Nathaniel Bluedorn

MathOnline Maths - D & X - Mathematics.com.au 
D - Life of Fred, beginning algebra
M, M, G & S MathsBuddy.com.au
Singapore Maths, Drill Sheets while waiting.
Living Books Living Math

HistoryD, X & M SOTW 2
Extra readings re Catholic perspective.
Incl; Church History - Fr Laux ; Relevant Chapters
 Story of the Church - Dominica and Johnson; Relevant Chapters
How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

Extra fiction readings

Current Affairs 
Dad to continue sending ABC news to teens.

Dominic & Xavier-  Live Mocha - Spanish

Michael Palin DVDs
Geography Song
Aust Board Game 

Nature Ramble with Notebook

All - God's Design for Science
Plus extra research for teen boys.
Also read John Hudson Tiner books

Fine ArtsMusic Study
Read Opal Wheeler/picture book about composer
-Learn new hymn each week based on liturgical year.

Art &Art Appreciation
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
Harmony Art Mom
Crafty Cow 
One+ project per week

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